Whitby’s Henrietta Street

Henrietta street, also known to holiday makers as ‘East Cliff Cottages‘ is a street part of the ancient Whitby, and was once known as ‘Haggerlythe’ way back in 1270 (AD) but was renamed after the wife of Nathaniel Cholmley, Henrietta Cholmley.

These days the houses are very sought after due to their fantastic views of the abbey and the harbor, also due to the history as being some of the first homes built in Whitby, some cottages even racking as much as £250,000+. It was no different when the name

henrietta street

Henrietta Street as it stands today

Henrietta Street was dubbed (circa 1761), even then it was considered a very desirable place to live whether this was for fishermen having easy access to work or, again, if it was for the beautiful views.

Unfortunately over the years there have been landslides that have destroyed homes, even moving the deceased, from St Mary’s Church above, into the back gardens of the cottage owners. Lost in these landslides have been homes, a Wesleyan Chapel and an octagonal building which is visible on old prints of Whitby.

The street is still popular for tourists to walk down and is a great place to get a beautiful and quiet view of Whitby from the end of the street.


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