The Skull and Cross-bone Graves

In St Mary’s Churchyard there sits two graves that are different from the rest, as the side of them have a skull and cross-bone sculpted into the side.

Years of folklore has told us that Dracula is buried in St Mary’s and if any gravestone were to have Dracula buried underneath is you would think it would be either of these two, which is what many people have believed for numerous years.


The famous grave.  Image taken from Pinterest.

But is it really Dracula’s grave?

Chances are neither of them are, as Dracula is a fictional character and there are no records of a Count Dracula ever being buried in St Mary’s Churchyard. The Skull and Cross-bone markers have been placed on graves all over Britain, most prominently in Scotland – though these grave markers are believed to mean a member of the Knights Templar is buried there.

In fact, there isn’t much research into the graves at Whitby to see why they’re there or why the skull and cross bones have been sculpted onto the side but in the book ‘Foul Deeds and Suspicious Deaths on the Yorkshire Coast’  the suggestion is that the graves belonged to two men that were shot by French Privateers, but again there is no evidence that can fully prove who these graves belonged to.

Historians over the years have come to the conclusion that the graves symbols are just old common practice to symbolize man’s mortality. A simple and sort of disappointing conclusion.



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