The Hob of Boggle Hole

In between Whitby and Robin Hood’s Bay is a small patch of beach with a mysterious cave that lays within the cliffs.


The stretch of beach that Boggle Hole lays on

If you ask locals they will tell you stories of little creatures that would run along the beach in and out of the cave, and many other caves that sit on the stretch of beach. The hobs (or boggles) were grotesque looking creatures that often scared off the men of Robin Hood’s Bay, but they were not a creature that should have been feared, in fact they had magical healing powers.

Mothers, desperate to heal their children of whooping cough, would approach the caves


Photo taken by me, we saw no Boggles when we visited.

with their child in their arms, begging for help. The boggles would often accept and cure the child for a small price and eventually the hobs became a welcomed feature, even earning the name ‘Boggle Hole’ for the patch of beach that they inhabited.

In reality the story is just a myth, whether the name came before or after the stories is unknown. But what we do know is that the caves were actually used for smuggling, and were the perfect hiding place for smugglers of the day when they were bringing in their new goods.


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