The Landlady of the White Horse and Griffin

The White Horse and Griffin was originally constructed in 1691, the history in the building has made for various ghosts that have been witnessed by guests and staff at the inn. One of the lost souls are that of a previous landlady called Mrs Bowler, the dates of her death


The White Horse and Griffin, Whitby

are unknown but the famous Original Ghost Walk of Whitby dates her to the late nineteenth century. When alive Mrs Bowler was a woman that was best to be avoided, if she took a disliking to you, you knew about it. She took her judgement on people very soon, with just one look she would decide whether she liked someone or not, and most of the time she chose the latter.

One night while walking down the steps beside the Inn she slipped, fell, and cracked her head open on the steps above, no one was around and she eventually bled to death after falling unconscious. Since her death people have reported feeling either very welcomed when walking into the pub or very unwelcome, a dreaded feeling that makes the customer want to leave. Even when the White Horse and Griffin was used as a sort of museum to Victorian Curiosities people would claim to feel her presence, at one time, during the 1980’s, there was even an offer to stay in the hotel for the night and if you managed it you would receive £50. No one managed it.


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