The Screaming Tunnel

As you walk along the West Cliff and make your way towards the Khyber Pass you will come across a small tunnel that you will have seen many times that perfectly frame the Whitby Abbey from where it stands. Although it is beautiful and picturesque it is best


the screaming tunnel

avoided at night.

Many holiday makers and residents of Whitby have claimed to feel an eerie presence when walking through the tunnel, one that is so eerie that they will avoid it all costs on a late
night walk if possible. There have been sightings of a dark figure standing at the end of the passage, some people have even been touched by a ghostly hand. The tunnel is often referred to as the Screaming Tunnel or Dracula’s Tunnel, there have been various reports of people hearing disembodied screams as they pass through the tunnel.

A beautiful spot in Whitby during the day but be careful when you venture through the screaming tunnel at night.


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