Humpty Dumpty’s Grave

Whitby is full of rich literary history, from being the the holiday destination of Charles


The supposed grave of Humpty Dumpty (photo credit; Helen R. Hunter)

Dickens, and Lewis Carroll, to inspiring the classic novel Count Dracula. But little do people know that even a famous nursery rhyme has made its way into Whitby’s history.

Within St Mary’s Church is said to be the grave of Humpty Dumpty, it is nestled behind a bar gate but is still accessible, although due to weathering the stone is impossible to read.
It is shaped like an egg on a horizontal view, which begs the question if that’s where the folklore came from. Of course, this isn’t to say that it’s an impossibility that Humpty Dumpty is buried there, as in the nursery rhyme it is never stated that Humpty Dumpty is an egg, it was actually a cannon that was sat on top of a defence wall, during battle the wall was blown up and the cannon came crashing down. Maybe Whitby is home to the famous fable and the wall that carried the war cannon?


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