Brown Bushell of Bagdale Hall


Bagdale Hall

Bagdale Hall has been a proud part of Whitby for 500 years now, it has so much history pouring from the building that it would be unusual if a ghost hadn’t taken up residence in the hotel. Many patrons and employees of the hotel have reported seeing ghosts and experiencing paranormal phenomenon, for years it has been speculated that the ghost was a previous owner called Brown Bushell.

You see Brown Bushell was what you would call a Jack of All Trades, which wouldn’t be a problem these days but at a time where there was a civil war raging it wasn’t good to jump sides. You see, in the Seventeenth century  Bushell was an officer in the Parliamentary army, within a year Brown downed tools and decided to join the enemy side, commanding ships for Charlie I. Again, his plans changed and he decided to go back to the Parliament again and offer his services, after the war Brown Bushell was arrested and beheaded for treason.


Bagdale Hall as it stands today

Brown Bushell is said to haunt many places in Whitby, including the grave yard where he was buried, but his ghost is most prominent in his old residence at Bagdale Hall.He is said to be a none troublesome ghost and never bothers guests but his presence does bring a feeling of doom and misery to those who feel him.


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