The Sandsend Money Tree

As you walk through the woods on your way to Mulgrave Castle you will stumble upon a tree that is unlike the others as it is filled with two pence pieces. It is believed that if you were to place money in tree you would be rewarded with riches.


Money Trees have been around for centuries

It is a folk tale that has spanned centuries and has crossed over seas, but there are still many that are hidden in British woodland and National Parks. Some believe the story stems from a sculptor who placed fake money into the tree to trick his neighbours into cutting it down for him but his plan went in the opposite direction. The villagers began to believe the tree was sacred and brought good fortune to those who touched it, it was never cut down and the sculptor was forced to promise to not cut down the tree.

In reality the money in the tree is quite a simple gardening technique, the copper in the two pence pieces stop the tree from growing anymore once the tree has been cut.


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