The Mysterious Ghost of Whitby Pavilion

Built in 1878 the famous Whitby Pavilion Theatre is no stranger to ghostly tales, though a certain person or ghost have ever been pin pointed to the hauntings – nor is the gender of the ghost even known.

Given its rich history it’s obvious that the Pavilion was just going to be another of Whitby’s haunted buildings, with cleaners who work the early shifts claiming to see an


Whitby Pavilion

apparition who wanders from room to room. Guests have felt the presence of another when they are in a room alone, and some people have even felt “watched” by unknown eyes. I worked in the Pavilion for some functions through an agency, and I did feel the presence of something lingering. It was always eerie, and I could not stand being in a room alone. But as for who the ghost is? For now we don’t know.


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