The Ghost of Kettleness’ Railway Station

*This is a tale that was told to me many years ago as a Cub-Scout, and it’s a story that has been passed down throughout Cubs as they stay at the spooky railway station in Kettleness.

When the railway station was in use, and in a time where child labour laws were nonexistent, a young boy, around the age of 14, was working as a ticket officer during a


Kettleness railway station when it was still in use

busy day at the station.

In the hot sun the boy rushed about as his boss shouted orders at him to hurry himself up. The boy was flustered, exhausted, and he was getting dehydrated. In the midst of the manic day the boy hadn’t realised that his window hadn’t been tightened properly when it was slid up so he could serve the hundreds of customers.

Just as the boy was handing some change to a customer the window slid down, it came down so fast that no one could react quick enough to stop it. It cut off the boys fingers and he cried out in pain as he looked at his two fingers and the change in the hands of the mortified customer. The boy begged to go to hospital his boss refused, he bandaged his hand up and made the boy carry on his work.

Eventually in the heat and without treatment the boy began suffering from gangrene, unable to go afford to see a doctor for the treatment he needed and unable to have the time to (because he was working all hours) the gangrene spread and the boy eventually died, whilst still working.

It is believed that even today, when the railway is disused and only used for camping trips, he still walks around looking for his lost fingers, some even say that if you come across him alone he will try and steal your fingers!


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