Who Was Frank Meadow Sutcliffe?

Born Francis Meadow Sutcliffe in Leeds, 1853, Sutcliffe became a pioneer of photography and portraits and documented Whitby throughout the late Victorian Era.

In Whitby and the surrounding areas we owe Sutcliffe a lifetime of gratitude for


‘Water Rats’ by Frank Meadow Sutcliffe

documenting the quiet moors, and given us historical views of life through those times. His time in Whitby was spent living in Broomfield Terrace before he moved to the close town, Sleights. He built up his reputation, and made his money, by photography the rich holiday makers that came into town, which he loathed, he loved the town dearly and wanted to take photographs of the areas and people who made Whitby. His popularity grew and finally he was allowed to pursue his dreams and he spent the rest of his working life documenting how Whitby was run.

His most famous image ‘Water Rats’ was even purchased by Edward VII, the Prince of Wales at the time and some of his images have been beautifully documented in the book ‘Frank Meadow Sutcliffe, a selection of his work‘.


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