The Submerged Bells

It is now a well known fact that during his reign Henry VIII set out groups to destroy abbeys and churches that belonged to the Catholic faith as he built up the Church Of England, one of those abbeys was the famous Whitby Abbey.


An impression of what Whitby Abbey looked like before it was tore down.

But not only did Henry destroy the abbey he even went on to take the bells and planned to take them to London so he could sell the scrap and raise money to fund himself and the royal family. His clear instructions were that the bells would be removed, carried down the 199 steps and taken to a ship that would then transport the bells to London. The people of Whitby were devastated, not only had their beautiful abbey been destroyed but now they were losing the last part of it that remained. They were going to lose the familiar chimes that rung out through the day.

Some locals cried, some of them got angry but they all grieved as the bells were carried down the steps and they could only just watch on. In their minds they hoped for a storm, but it just impossible on that calm June day… they just begged for something to happen so that their bells were taken away.

And their wish came true, inexplicably the ship sank, and it is said to still be there, just off the Black Nab under the North Sea. Sailors and fishermen have since said that if you sail to Black Nab on a clear night you can still hear the currents ringing the bells.


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