Jeanie of Biggersdale

One night, in one of the many bars that surround Mulgrave Woods, a drunken farmer from Eskdale accepted a wager to call upon the famous Jeanie of Biggersdale.


Jeanie of Biggersdale is said to live in Mulgrave Woods

Jeanie is a fairy that is said to be ill tempered and she very much dislikes visitors to her cave, called Hob’s Cave. She would cast curses on any of those who were brave or foolish enough to disturb her self-isolation.

Filled with adrenaline and with a little help of the local ale, the Eskdale farmer made his way, on horseback, to Hob’s Cave and began calling out to Jeanie to come out and show herself. The fairy, angered by the disturbance, shouted that she would be right out to see who dared disturb her. When the farmer heard her voice he got scared and fled as fast as he could on his horse.

Jeanie was not about to let him get away the easily, she chased after the man and horse through the woods and was right on their tail when the quick-thinking farmer jumped over a stream, knowing that those from the Otherworld cannot travel over water. The horse was not so lucky, Jeanie managed to cast a spell that split the horse in two, the farmer was lucky enough to have been on the half that survived and he escaped.


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