Spooky Sunday; The Western Lighthouse

The two lighthouses that stand at the end of their own piers, in Whitby, were built in 1833, and they are both said to be haunted.

The Western pier has been open to the public for some time now, and tourists have clambered the stairs in their thousands as they feel themselves walking through a piece of Whitby history. What some don’t know, though, is that one of its old lighthouse keepers have never actually left.

During a huge storm (the date is unknown) that was blowing through Whitby, the lighthouse keeper at the time knew that the chances of a shipwreck during this storm would be big, he knew he could only do one thing to ensure the safety of the sailors that were heading for Whitby. He put on his coat and boots, and set off towards the lighthouse on the west pier.

The lighthouse keeper’s clothes were dripping wet by the time he entered the lighthouse, still he carried on, dripping rain falling from his clothes and onto the stairs as he ascended them. He put on the light, looked out for a few moments safe in the knowledge that his job


The lighthouses as they stand today

was done, and maybe he had saved some lives. Unfortunately, he couldn’t save his own.

On the way down the stairs the lighthouse keeper slipped on the stairs that had been covered in rain from his clothes, he picked up speed as he tumbled down and eventually the door to the lighthouse stopped his fall, but it was too late. His neck was broken, and he was dead.

Some brave souls who venture up the west pier on a stormy night have caught glimpses of the brave lighthouse keeper as he carries on his mission from beyond the grave.

In the 1950s a young girl reported that she had even seen the body of a man laying at the bottom of the stairs, of the lighthouse, in distress and asking for help, when she asked her mother to help him her mother couldn’t see anyone… Could this be the ghost of the old lighthouse keeper?


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