Spooky Sunday; the ghost of Constance de Beverley

There are many tales of ghosts in Whitby, and if you are brave enough to go on a ghost tour with the fantastic Harry Collett you will be lucky enough to hear the tales of the dead in full. On our new feature, called ‘Spooky Sunday’, we will indulge you with the hauntings of Whitby in the comfort of your own home.

Our first tale takes us to Whitby Abbey

Whitby Abbey was built in 657AD, destroyed by the Vikings in 870AD and then built up again after the Norman Conquest in 1067AD. There is said to be a few ghosts roaming the grounds of Whitby Abbey, but none of them have a story as harrowing as that of Constance de Beverley.


Constance de Beverley’s ghost can still be heard pleading for forgiveness.

Constance de Beverley was a nun at the Abbey (though the years she was there is unknown). The nun fell in love with a handsome knight, she took a risk and broke her vow of chastity. When the deed was brought to light poor Constance was brought to “justice”. She was bricked up, alive, in the dungeon of the Abbey. Her screams of terror went on for days, until she finally died.

It is said that her screams can still be heard echoing through the remains of Whitby Abbey, she can also be heard pleading for forgiveness.

This story is often mixed up with Sir Walter Scott’s poem ‘Marmion‘ with a nun of the same name, who met the same fate as Constance.


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