The legend of the Saltersgate Inn; Part 1

Along the Hole of Horcum,on a road referred to as the Devil’s Elbow stands the remains of a once thriving pub. Famous for its rich history in smuggling, the Inn was also the basis of many different horror stories, namely to do with the origins of the fire that burnt for 200 years.


The Saltersgate Inn as it stands today

While sceptics will brush off the claims as folklore, and will argue that the fire was simply there to welcome those travellers who came at any time during the day and night, a lot of locals believe that there is something sinister afoot the legendary Inn.

One story goes as such;

When the Inn was known as the Waggon and Horses Inn it would get all kind of folk coming in to seek a beer on even the coldest of nights.One night, during a heavy storm, the Devil happened to be passing and was hoping to seek refuge in the warm Inn. A priest was staying at the time and identified the evil that was lurking in his presence, he jumped to his feet and tried to banish the Devil from the premises with an exorcism but to no avail.

When the landlord caught what was going on he intervened, and eventually


It is said that if the fire is extinguished the devil will return

had more luck than the priest. Some say that the landlord set the Devil on fire using peat, where others suggest that the fire was set and the Devil was caught in the smoke. Either way, one fact remains the same, if the fire goes out the Devil will return to Whitby and the
Saltersgate Inn to reek havoc on the unsuspecting locals.


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